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                    Photo by Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens - Look for kitchen design inspiration

1. Put that corner cabinet to use. Most corner kitchen cabinets are like purgatories for rarely used pots and appliances.

If you could use that extra storage space, consider a pullout solution like the one shown here from Peka.

                                        Photo by mango design co - Look for entryway design inspiratio

2. Consider a tile floor welcome mat. This Victorian in Vancouver, British Columbia, is full of knockout design ideas that begin literally as you first step foot into the house. A mosaic tile inset acts as a welcome mat and a place to set wet or muddy shoes.

3. Don’t feel confined to white kitchen cabinets. Sure, white kitchen cabinets are everywhere, but don’t think you have to go along with the trend to have a stunning space.

4. Try a wood-plank backsplash. If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of rustic charm to your kitchen, consider reclaimed-wood planks.

                        Photo by Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens - More kitchen photos

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