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7. Perfectly Fits Their System

Hammers fans might not be completely sold on the big striker up front but after applying it for so long it has come good in recent seasons. 

Carroll's absence has been a problem and Giroud could instantly fill the role. Being just as good as the current West Ham man in the air and with an eye for goal he would be the ideal replacement. #

6. Strong Injury Record

West Ham are constantly plagued with injuries, in particular when it comes to their strikers but Grioud's strong fitness record could bring the stability they require.  

While he missed 10 games at the start of last season he has only been ruled out of 28 during his five years at Arsenal, compared to Carroll who missed 27 last season alone and 109 since joining the Hammers a year after Giroud was in Arsenal's mix. 

5. Reasonable Price

While the reported £20m for a 30-year-old striker, with two years left on his contract, might seem a bit much, West Ham broke their transfer record for Andy Carroll shelling out £15m for the former Liverpool man. 

For £5m more they will not only get a more experienced striker but one with a better injury record as well. 

4. Proven Experience

For a player to take over the main striker role they need to hit the ground running and one of West Ham's problems in the past has been choosing players with no Premier League experience. 

Giroud has five years experience in the English top flight, as well as a strong track record in Europe and at international level scoring goals on all the big stages in football, an ability that the Hammers desperately need.

3. Goal-scoring Record

That consistent game time has made Giroud a strong attacking threat both in the air and on the ground and, while he has been criticised at Arsenal, he still has an impressive record.

With 98 goals in 227 games Giroud clearly has an eye for goal and with 12 goals and four assists in 29 league appearances last season, he will bring the consistency the Hammers require.

2. Looking to Impress for the World Cup

With next year's World Cup just around the corner Giroud is looking to impress to keep his place in the French side, recently stating that he wants more game time after playing second fiddle at Arsenal for so long. 

Antoine Griezmann has already taking the main striking role and with Kylian Mbappe coming through, Giroud will need the regular football at West Ham to have a chance on making Les Bleus' starting XI. 

1. Quick Deal

As eager as the Gunners striker is to move, they will be just as willing to sell him. While  Arsene Wenger has stuck by Giroud season after season now might be the time to offload him. 

With Arsenal seeking a top striker and Alexandre Lacazette looking the most likely option there will be no room, or need, for Giroud to stay at Arsenal, so an early bid would make the sale move quickly. 


Source: 90min.com

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