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The ForexCopy system by InstaForex provides a unique opportunity for providers of Forex signals to distribute their services online among private traders.

The ForexCopy system is a user-friendly service which is designed to enable customers to copy trades by subscribing to successful traders. The ForexCopy system is our own simple way to sell signals. 

To take part in ForexCopy system, you need to open an account with InstaForex Company. If you have already got a trading account with InstaForex Company you can register for ForexCopy immediately.

After registration for the ForexCopy system, search for EGFPlatform account 8257981 No-Loss Project and subscribe to it. Only 30% of profited trades are credited to the account manager and 70% of the profit is credited to your account automatically. We trade with a good money management strategy and make good profit every week. With $10,000 fund we'll make at least $2,500. 2.5% profit per week.

Contact +2347038236620 on whatsapp for detailed information

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